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A Journey Through Hindu Caste System In India

A Journey Through Hindu Caste System In India

A Journey Through Hindu Caste System In India

The Hindu caste system has been originated way back and still being blindly followed by the Indian netizens. People created this social stratification almost 3,000 years back, only for survival purposes. Though, some believe the caste division was created by Lord Bramhathe creator.

In India, there are four main castes in Hinduism- Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and the Shudras. But, one more caste people don’t know much about is the Dalits, the below every caste.

The Hindu caste system was ascertained based on people’s ‘Karma’ (work) and ‘Dharma’ (duty). But now, it converted into a strict social hierarchy that people can’t escape from.

At the top of the hierarchical category is ‘Brahmins’, who are mainly the priests, teachers, and intellectual people of the society. They started ruling over people by saying that whatever they say or order is directly coming from Bhramha’s mind. They misled society by creating loads of absurd rituals.

The second on the list is ‘Kshatriyas’, the rulers and warriors. The third one is ‘Vaishyas’, the agricultural and trader people. And at the end the ‘Sudras’. Sudras are responsible for all kind of laborious work and services.

The last is ‘Dalits’, whom society calls ‘Achoots’ (untouchables).

By occupations, the main castes are also divided into thousands of sub-castes. Even the Hindu marriage system also was influenced by this complex hierarchy. One can only marry within his/her caste.

Besides, Sudras were not allowed to touch Brahmins at that time. Moreover, upper-caste people used to live a privileged life.

Though it all started centuries ago, still in the 20’s century, this hierarchy does have a vast impact on society’s mind.

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