Adopt The Ayurvedic Sattvic Diet To Live A Non-toxic Life

Ayurveda (Indian medical practice) has given humankind various medicinal remedies, yoga, useful lifestyle habits, herbal antidotes, and food habits to live a healthy, soulful life. In Ayurveda, a highlighted food habit exists to enhance your body’s fitness, wellbeing, and essence of life. 

In Ayurveda, foods are categorized into three segments-

1. Sattvic Food: Sanskrit word ‘Sattvic’ stands for ‘Sattva’ or entity, which comprises refreshing, dietary, simple, flavorsome, juicy food that replenishes energy. 

2. Rajas Food: These foods contain salt, bitterness, spices, makes foods comparatively hot and parched that trigger negative sensations like anger, jealousy, irritation, greed, hatred, nervousness, etc.

3. Tamas Food: Tamas is junk, oily, processed food, indigestible, toxic, and hardly assimilate into the body. 

Ayurveda refers to consume Sattvic food, to lead a non-violence and simple life. Sattvic diet food includes vegetables, seeds, pulses, fruits, nuts, milk, and other organic, nutritious products, consists of no animal meat. 

Sattvic diet benefits health– uplifts the immune system, promotes digestion and metabolism, enriches skin-hair wellness, and also helps to stabilize the state of body and mind. 

A Sattvic diet is preparing a required amount of freshly made meals to get an ethical, dynamic, firm, enlighten, and clean life. Sattvic Ayurvedic diet further supports the seasonal fruits and veggies consummation. 

You should start following the Sattvic diet food to live harmless, sound life.

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