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Eat Kerala’s Traditional Avial & Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey

Eat Kerala's Traditional Avial & Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey

Eat Kerala's Traditional Avial & Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey

In Kerala, the southern region of India has a massive festival named Onam. People in Kerala religiously celebrate the Onam festival each year. People enjoy their traditional Sadhya, a huge platter containing 12 regional dishes. Interestingly, the count of mouth-watering dishes can reach up to 26 items. And, among which Avial is a popular one.

Significance of Avial in Onam:

Due to the lip-smacking deliciousness of Sadhya, people across the world really savor the medley of food. Avial is a famous and delicious part of Sadhya. And most importantly, Weddings and events in Kerala are incomplete in Kerala without Avial.

It’s a tasty traditional dish in Kerala, which contains an assortment of various vegetables. People use traditional coconut oil to prepare this dish. Since coconut oil is a primary element in Southern foods, its essence must be there in Avial. The vegetables include carrot, brinjal, drumsticks, pumpkin, coconut, pumpkin, curd, etc. And people add the customary turmeric powder too.

Benefits of Avial:

Since Avial is a medley of mixed vegetables, this dish is jam-packed with various nutrients and low in calories. Moreover, it has Vitamin A, folic acid, fiber, beta-carotene, and much more nutrients. Thus, it’s a healthy food item one can consume. Adding this particular mixture of vegetables regularly to your diet can prevent vitamin deficiency and low levels of minerals in your body, making it nourishing in all ways.

It’s a great source of nutrients that people suffering from malnutrition should consider eating daily. Moreover, fiber helps lose weight, keeping the body stable and healthy.

So, add Avial to your daily diet and get the essential nutrients your body requires.

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