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Follow These Ayurveda Food Diet To Overcome Body Doshas

Follow These Ayurveda Food Diet To Overcome Body Doshas

Follow These Ayurveda Food Diet To Overcome Body Doshas

Embracing a healthy food-habit can be proven as medicine, alike an improper food-habit can cause deadly diseases. Ayurveda (Indian medical science) believes an improper food-diet can create Dosha (forces of the body) imbalance, which can distort body membranes, digestive enzymes, circulatory flows, and bodily excrements.

To avoid certain situations– there are some specific Ayurveda Food Diet that a person must maintain.

Vata Dosha Food: Vata imbalance generates situations like anxiety, nervousness, irregular periods and cramps, dry skin, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, insomnia, arthritis, etc.

People suffering from Vata Dosha should consume hot, moist, lubricant foods to avoid dry, cold, raw foods, which prevent Vata to function naturally in the body.

Pitta Dosha Food: The symptoms of Pitta Dosha are anger, skin-disorder, inflammation, diarrhea, body odor, etc.

Pitta food list is opposed to the Vata food listPitta foods are cold, moist, and juicy, contain high water properties and cooling effects.

Pitta foods nourish, cools, and moisture the body tissues.

Kapha Dosha food: A Kapha type person will suffer from Kapha Dosha like oily skin and hair, obesity, diabetes, swelling, laziness, goiter, etc.

Warm, simple, dry, severe, and easily digestible foods include in the Kapha food list, which will dry the body by increasing circulation and warmth and helps to balance Kapha Dosha.

Ayurveda recommended maintaining Ayurveda Food Diet according to your body type and Dosha type.

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