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Know These Golden Rules In Hinduism To Attain Moksha After Death

Know These Golden Rules In Hinduism To Attain Moksha After Death

Know These Golden Rules In Hinduism To Attain Moksha After Death

Hinduism is one of the largest celebrated religions worldwide. The branches of Hinduism spread across each corner of the planet earth. However, there are certain rules in Hinduism that devotees firmly believe in. One is that the almighty, the super energy, will remove all sorrows, and obstacles and bring harmony to their lives, making living happy and peaceful.

These specific set of Hindu rituals brings an algorithm to the believers’ lives and occurs from worshippers’ positive energy and prayer. It makes them most productive.

Golden Rules in Hinduism:

    1. Don’t place 3idols of the same god/goddess in the prayer area. I.e., don’t place two Shivalinga/Shalugram/Surya Dev idols/Gomti chakras in the praying room.
    2. Keep continuity in praying to your favorite idol daily without breaking the cycle. Do the puja (prayer) twice daily (morning & evening).
    3. The standing idol of any Hindu god should be more than 15 inches in your Puja Ghar (prayer room). Don’t place standing Ganesha/Laxmi/Saraswati idol at the Puja Sthal.
  1. Don’t put any God’s accessories like books, clothes, or other prayer items on top of your mandir – it’s inauspicious.
  2. Don’t gift or accept god’s idol as a gift. Remove any broken idol immediately and float the idol respectfully in running water.
  3. Your prayer is complete only when you praise at least five Hindu Gods (PanchdevDurga, Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu, Lord Surya), including Ishta Devta.
  4. The prayer must be done while sitting on the floor, preferably on the woolen fabric.
  5. The puja must be done facing North/East. Never sit facing your back towards deities.

Follow these primary rules of Hinduism to stay under the blessings of Hindu Gods and goddesses. So, you can attain Moksha after death.

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