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Perform Hindu Garbhadhan Sanskar To Deliver A Healthy Baby

Perform Hindu Garbhadhan Sanskar To Deliver A Healthy Baby

Perform Hindu Garbhadhan Sanskar To Deliver A Healthy Baby

In Hindu culture, people respect and consider a woman as Devi- the divine power. A woman is blessed with the functioning gift of the Energy of procreation. Women are only capable of giving birth to the progeny of a family. In that aspect, a pregnant woman should consider the importance of Garbhadhan Sanskar during her pregnancy. 

So, what is Garbhadhan Sanskar, and why one should consider it?

Garbhadhan Sanskar or Garbha Sanskar is one of the sixteen sanskaras (mind education) in Hinduism. The reference of this Sanskar is found from Vedic times plus Mahabharat as well. According to Veda, the procedure of Garbha Sanskar indulge good pregnancy, result in appropriate conception, pure body, and deliver a healthy child. 

The Garbhadhan Sanskar process purifies the womb, defeat any defects of the ovum and the fetus. 

The Garbhadhan Sanskar is performed during the Rutu period– the first sixteen nights after first menstruation following marriage. Excluding the first four, eleventh and thirteenth night. The rest ten nights are suitable to perform this Sanskar. 

The Garbhadhan Sanskar ritual consists of consuming the juice of Ashwagandha or Durva, performing Prajapati puja (praying to God Prajapati), contributing roti, and intercourse. 

If any woman conceived without performing the Garbhadhan Sanskar, she can complete this ritual on the eight-month of her pregnancy to deliver a healthy child. It’s known as Ashtamangalya or Athangule ritual

Click on the video to know the benefits of Garbhadhan Sanskar during pregnancy: 

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