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Pray To Navdurga: Get Relieved From Sins & Mistakes Of Life By

Pray To Navdurga: Get Relieved From Sins & Mistakes Of Life By

Pray To Navdurga: Get Relieved From Sins & Mistakes Of Life By

Navadurga/Nav Durga or Naba Durga are the nine divine feminine personas yet the nine manifestations of the goddess Durga– Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidhatri. Navdurga Devi is praised by devotees during the Navratri festival and Durga Puja festival.

Navratri is the nine days festival where each day is dedicated to the nine forms of Durga. The Navdurga represents different qualities of Shakti (feminine spirit) as in strength, anger, beauty, transformation, fear, power, and compassion.

1. Shailaputri: The daughter (Putri) of the mountain (Shaila) Shailaputri, is the supreme form of Mother Nature, also known as Sati.

2. Brahmacharini: Brahmacharini is the goddess of penance and asceticism, as her name represents one of the Indian religious concepts, Brahmacharya. Brahma means the sacred knowledge, and Charini means occupation with, stand as- occupier of the holy texts.

3. Chandraghanta: It is the married form of Devi Durga, featured as having a half bell (ghanta)-shaped moon (Chandra) in her forehead that justifies her Chandraghanta name. This serene goddess also can be furious towards demons during the war. She is a symbol of courage.

4. Kushmanda: This form of goddess Parvati only has the power and capacity to live in the Sun because of the equivalent warmth and brightness of her body. She grants supernatural powers and wealth (Siddhis & Niddhis) towards her devotees.

5. Skandamata: She is the mother (Mata) of the war god Skanda or Kartikeya (Lord Murugan).

6. Katyayani: This is the angry, ferocious, and vengeance form of Parvati, which she took to defeat the Mahishasura. She is a symbol of victory over evil.

7. Kalaratri: The most feral, fiercest form of goddess Parvati- Kalaratri indicates the death night. She is superior and eminent than the time (Kala) itself. Parvati incarnated herself into Kalaratri’s form to kill the demons Subha and Nisumbha.

8. Mahagauri: She is the symbol of purity and cleanness. Mahagauri forgives the sinners and purifies their souls. The belief is, if you praise and please her, your all flaws, mistakes will be destroyed by her grace.

9. Siddhidhatri: Siddhidhatri is the incarnation of Adi Parashakti, who removes all ignorance and provide wisdom to actualize reality.

Devotees worship the nine forms of goddess Durga by reciting the Navdurga mantra and perform Navdurga aarti to accomplish courage, purity, serenity, power (Shakti), health, and wealth. You must pray to the Navdurga avatar to purify your soul and achieve victory on any actions.

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