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The Importance of lighting a Lamp in the House

The Importance of lighting a Lamp in the House

The Importance of lighting a Lamp in the House

In India, we light a Lamp (Diya/ Deepak) in front of the puja temple in our house to glorify the deities. The flame of the Diya itself is worshiped to the Lord.

Indian people light the lamp (Diya) in front of the Lord once or twice a day. In some temples, the Diya lighted up for the entire day, which called Aakhanda Deepa.

Hindu priests believe that without Diya the devotions cannot be performed. 

The lamp is made of clay and metals like Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

Not only for regular praying, but the lamp is also considered as purity in every Hindu auspicious and social occasions and rituals. 

A Diya can enhance the positive energy in the house and soul by eliminating the negative energies. It is mentioned in Vastu-Shastra that lighting up a Lamp regularly can help to boost positivity in the house.

The belief is that dipping a cotton wick into Ghee (clarified butter) and oil is the purest form of flaming a Lamp. It purifies the Seven Chakras of the human body.

The oil in the lamp can purify the Muladhara and Svadhishthana Chakras, while the Ghee in the lamp can completely purify the Manipura and Anahata Chakras along with Muladhara and Svadhishthana Chakras in the human body.

Ghee is considered pure in the event of worshiping the Lord.

Feature Image Credit: Image by Tanuj Handa from Pixabay (free for commercial use)

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