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Use these Sacred Indian Beauty-Aids & Jewelry to Awaken Your Body Chakras

Use these Sacred Indian Beauty-Aids & Jewelry to Awaken Your Body Chakras

Use these Sacred Indian Beauty-Aids & Jewelry to Awaken Your Body Chakras

Numerous sacred Indian beauty-aids and jewelry actively used by Hindu women will awaken your body chakras to release internal stresses and strains and give you a new life:


Kajal or eyeliner is the game-changer of the whole outfit as it defines the classic beauty of eyes. Earlier, kajal used to be prepared by collecting the sediment of clay lamps from lighting the wick in ghee and combined with sandalwood paste and castor oil (Ayurvedic process).

Kajal, especially the Ayurvedic kajal, removes the excess impurities from the eyes and protects them from UV rays, smoke, dust, etc. 


Bindi, or the colorful dot, worn in between both eyebrows on the forehead by women, is very enchanting and ethnic. This center point is called Ajna Chakra, or the third eye where the major body nerves meet.

When a bindi is worn on that point, it incites those nerves, preserves energy, and stimulates the concentration power. 

Waist Chain: 

This ornament women wear to maintain their slim figure. It’s the foundation of the energy body that activates the Muladhara Chakra and provides relief from backaches. 


This is a black and gold beaded chain that Indian married women wear on the spot of Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, which is responsible for proper heart and thymus functioning. This symbol of marriage is the representation of nature’s five elements, also associated with tranquility, patience, and dissolute women’s negative emotions. 


Anklets, especially silver anklets or Payal, helps to boost the immune system. It absorbs the polar energy from the earth and transmits it to the body to revive the whole system. 

Toe Rings: 

Toe rings regulate the nervous system of toes, increases fertility chances, and ensures a healthy uterus.

Nose Ring: 

According to Ayurveda, the nose ring and nose piercing decreases menstrual pain, increase pregnancy chances, and ensures easier childbirth. 


Sindoor, the traditional red powder, is the symbol and pride of a married woman. Traditionally sindoor is made of herbal products like turmeric powder and lime that cool down the brain and activates the Crown Chakra. It also enhances sexual desires. 


Henna or Mehendi- the ayurvedic natural dye treats skin rashes, cuts, wounds, burn, and skin inflammations. 

Besides, you can also consider bangles, earrings, and Maang tikka (forehead jewelry), which magnify the look and benefits the women’s body.

The beautification of the Indian woman is a bit unique, traditional, and pure. By culture and habit, Indian women adorn themselves by wearing Indian outfits and ornaments, which makes them look different than others. The above are some of the Indian jewelry health benefits that can transfigure your entire look.

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