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Wear Sindoor – You Will Be Blessed With Goodluck & Prosperity!

Wear Sindoor – You Will Be Blessed With Goodluck & Prosperity!

Wear Sindoor – You Will Be Blessed With Goodluck & Prosperity!

Married women in India always put sindoor (vermilion) on her forehead. You can easily recognize a married woman in India by her appearance. But have you ever wonder why Indian women wear sindoor or Kumkum?

In Indian mythology, the vermilion has a separate spiritual significance in Indian traditions. In India, it is considered that a married woman is not complete without putting vermilion on her head. Wearing sindoor is more than a culture, and it has considerable significance.

In Indian society, after marriage applying sindoor on head is a must practice for Indian women. This custom expresses a woman’s desire for her husband’s longevity.

Moreover, In Indian mythology, red is the color that represents the energy of Goddess Sati and Parvati. Sati is the epitome of an ideal Hindu wife who can even sacrifice her life for her husband’s sake. Hindus believe that applying sindoor on forehead will bless a woman with ‘Akhand Soubhagya’ (which means “may you always be the one whose husband is alive, may you remain safe from the curse of widowhood”) from Goddess Parvati.

Vermilion is made of turmeric and lime, which controls blood pressure and increases sexual desire by boosting libido in women. Besides, scientifically a woman applies vermillion (sindoor) on her Ajna Chakra or Brahma Sthana. Putting turmeric and lime there keeps her cool and calm.

Wearing kumkum is the way of showing respect to Goddess Laxmi as she brings good luck and wealth to the family.

During Indian festivals and ceremonies, an Indian husband puts kumkum on his wife’s head to ensure their togetherness for the rest of their life.

Try this Indian culture to have a happy, healthy, and peaceful life ahead.

Feature Image Credit: Image by Gaurav Kumar from Pixabay (free for commercial use)

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