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Which Rudraksha Should You Wear? – Here’s The Guide

Which Rudraksha Should You Wear? - Here's The Guide

Which Rudraksha Should You Wear? - Here's The Guide

Rudraksha or Rudraksh is a sacred element that has immense value in Hindu culture. These are dried seeds of a tree that generally grows in the Southern East region of Asia and the Himalayan ranges, locally known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus.

The Rudraksha seeds are incredibly powerful. As per legends, Rudraksha is also called Tears of Shiva as its origin associated with Lord Shiva. The name Rudra is basically the name of Shiva, and the Aksha means Tears.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha:

Rudrakshas hold incredible power and can influence the life of an individual. These are very supportive in terms of maintaining and balancing mental yet physical well-being. Spiritual seekers find it very influential. Wearing it can support enhancing one’s spiritual growth.

Which Rudraksha should you wear?

However, there are 21 types of Rudraksha with 21 “Mukhis” or “Faces” that range with different nature and benefits. Hence, you might be wondering what kind of Rudraksha you should wear?

Here’s the answer to your question.

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