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Abolish Your Daily Stress With Ayurveda Stress Management Practices

Abolish Your Daily Stress With Ayurveda Stress Management Practices

Abolish Your Daily Stress With Ayurveda Stress Management Practices

Stress is a common phenomenon that maximum people suffer from in the present period. It is slowly becoming an inevitable component in everyone’s life. Several factors induce stress, such as anxiety, grief, hardship in life, shock, pain, environmental changes, extremes of temperature, high altitude, and so on. Consequently, it can affect mental, physical, emotional, and overall behavioral balance may damage different parts of the human body. Therefore, Ayurveda brings you amazing doable for stress management, and we will give you a brief of those. 

Ayurveda Stress Management:


Dinacharya is an ideal daily routine for a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Ayurveda suggests following Dinacharya practices like:

Read more about Dinacharya here. 


Bathing itself a solution for several problems as it calms the nervous system down, which is responsible for tension and stress, and most importantly, it soothes the mind. Add ⅓ cup Ginger powder and ⅓ cup baking soda to the water, additionally, to facilitate relaxation and healing. 

Oil Pulling

Gargling and swishing around warm, untoasted sesame or medicated oil in the mouth can reduce tension from the jaw. Moreover, it improves the taste sense, extracts natural toxins from the teeth, mouth, and gums. 


It is an Ayurvedic medicinal practice of self-massage with oil. The application soothes the nervous system, lubricate and rejuvenates the tissues, plus encourages healthy circulation in the body. 


Nasya is an ayurvedic treatment, which means applying medicated oil to the nasal passages. By the application, you can derive incredible Nasya benefits. It soothes the delicate tissues in the nasal passage and helps in unobstructed breathing. It eventually relieves accumulated stress and supports mental clarity. 

(Note: Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid Nasya.)

Foot Massage

Massaging your foot before going to bed calms the mind and helps in sound sleep. The practice generally grounds the energy, soothes the nervous system, and decreases stress. 

Sound/Quality Sleep

The importance of having a sound sleep is infinite and considerable. It is a therapeutic function that plays a crucial role in brain and body tissue repair and rejuvenation. The process also allows the body to discharge metabolic wastes and natural toxins. 

Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga moves “Prana” in our body. Yoga benefits the overall human body, helps to scatter tension, unblocks stagnation, and encourages fluidity in tissues, including mental and emotional spheres. 

Wholesome diet

A healthy and wholesome diet is a source of nourishment and best to emphasize healthy and whole foods in the body.

Rasayana therapy

Rasayana is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy. Ayurveda mentions several Rasayana herbs that promote well-being in the mind-body of an individual. Rasayana treatment specifically reinforces the mind and the nervous system and helps us face our periodic challenges with ease. 

Follow these Ayurvedic stress management practices and get yourself a peaceful and harmonious living. 

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