Choose The Indian Traditional Attire “DHOTI” & Get Spiritual Benefits

Choose The Indian Traditional Attire “DHOTI” & Get Spiritual Benefits

Dhoti is a traditional Indian attire that is worn by men from ancient times. Wearing dhoti at weddings and other festivals is a culture in the Indian subcontinents (South and East, especially). Along with dhoti, kurta is also worn as top-wear to maintain traditional sattvik (Sanskrit word) look. If you visit South India, you may see people and some politicians wear dhoti regularly.

Dhotis are a complete cotton un-stitched piece of cloth, mostly 5-6 meters longer, consider as a classic garment for men. In the ancient era, kings and rulers used to wear dhotis, as it’s a very comfortable wear. The types of dhoti wearing are different based on religions and customs- these are:

  1. White dhoti is worn by the groom on Bengali and other weddings.
  2. Red dhotis are for the priest in temples.
  3. Turmeric yellow or white dhotis are worn at upanayanams.

A man in dhoti-kurta attire looks good. Dhoti has a spiritual perspective and benefits, as well.

Benefits of wearing a dhoti:

Dhoti Wearing Benefits
Dhoti Wearing Benefits

Dear Men, choose this classy, fancy, traditional attire to make a change on your look. Your closet needs a change man!

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