Consider The Importance Of Matching Horoscope Before Marriage In Hinduism

Consider The Importance Of Matching Horoscope Before Marriage In Hinduism

In the Hindu religion, marriage is a broad celebration and consider to be a religious ceremony. In Hindu marriages, pre-wedding to post-wedding, a lot of religious customs and rituals are involved. Hindus believe Marriages are made in heaven. Therefore it should be done with perfection and divinity.

In Hindu marriages, the horoscope plays a tremendously crucial role. Several phases of a man and woman’s life, like love and respect for each other, physical and mental attraction, posterity, happiness, and marital growth, depend on marriage. In that aspect, the importance of matching the horoscope before the marriage of the prospective bride and groom somewhat is deliberately satisfactory.

The process of matching horoscope is called Kundali matching, where the Gun (qualities), Graha (planets), Patrika (parameter of financial status, family, children, health, etc.), Mangal Dosha (defect of mars) of the expected bride, and groom are verified and matched.

In this modern scientific era, the matching horoscope before marriage is equivalently important as before. Families of the groom and bride find this process satisfactory so that after marriage, the married couple doesn’t face any marital conflicts.

Spiritually, marriage is a spiritual and divine practice, where a person learns to change his/ her defective personality like ego, acquire patience, sacrifice, love, bonding, and try to keep others happy by creating a family environment. A happy marriage is bliss.

Dharma (religion) says marriage is the fulfillment of a man’s kama (desire) that leads him toward liberation (Moksha).

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