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Dasa Mahavidya Homa- The Path To Attain Spiritual Salvation

10 Maha Vidya Dharma WeRIndia

10 Maha Vidya Dharma WeRIndia

Dasa Mahavidya or Mahavidya signifies the group of ten facets of the most powerful goddess Adi Parashakti. Call her Adi Parashakti, Mahashakthi, Mahadevi, Satyam Shakti, or simply Shakti- all are the form of Goddess Parvati. The name “Mahavidya” is a Sanskrit phrase, which means Great Wisdom (Maha= Great, Vidya= Wisdom, knowledge, or Revelation). 

These ten aspects of Shakti or Dasa Mahavidya are the epitome of the entire creation. 

1. Kali:

Goddess Kali or Maha Kali is the destroyer of evil.

2. Tara:

The goddess who guides and protects, and offers the ultimate knowledge towards salvation.

3. Tripura Sundari:

The goddess is the “Beautiful in the Three Worlds” and symbolizes purity.

4. Bhuvaneshwari:

The mother of the entire world; therefore, signifies the Great Cosmic Wisdom.

5. Bhairavi:

The fierce goddess with three raging eyes.

6. Chinnamastha:

The self-decapitated goddess and the symbol of self-sustenance.

7. Dhumavathi:

The goddess who destroys all her enemies with fire.

8. Bagalamukhi:

The goddess who deadens enemies.

9. Matangi:

Goddess Matangi or “Tantric Saraswati” is the goddess of music, art, knowledge, and speech.

10. Kamala:

The Goddess of fortune.

So, you must perform Dasa Mahavidya Homa to fulfill all your acquisitive desires and moksha (spiritual liberation). Because this Vedic practice is so powerful that ordinary mortals cannot understand its implications.

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