Did You Know The Indian Arranged Marriage System Has Low Divorce Rates?

Did You Know The Indian Arranged Marriage System Has Low Divorce Rates?

In India, arrange marriage is a tradition and has given priority for ages. Indian Millennials continue following the Indian tradition by generations. In this case, parents or families find a perfect match for their children. Basically, an eligible girl or boy doesn’t have the right to choose their soul-mates for themselves. Strange, right?

Well, in some cases, arrange marriage ends up smoothly, happily, and sometimes it doesn’t. This tradition came from the Vedic Hindu Culture (the ca. 500 BCE period) for religious purposes.

Once, the upper-class people started following this marital method to make sure their marriages stay within the same caste. You can say to prevent inter-caste marriages.

Later, lower-class people started to follow the same method. Moreover, in modern urbanization, 80% of boys and girls still prefer marrying someone chosen by their parents.

Families take this step to prevent their boy or girl from any heartbreak (love-relationships) and bad influences. Parents find a suitable match by keeping some several factors in mind, like religion, caste, family background and culture, economic situation, and horoscope. After several meetings of both families, the decision made.

This indicates the faith and respect one has on his parent’s judgment. Parents always want the best for their children.

India has lower arrange marriage divorce rates. The study says maximum arrange marriage couples in India has a strong and successful marriage life/relationship.

Though, the arrange marriage rates are decreasing as the love-marriage system is in trend now. But, yet arrange marriage tradition is not something uncool to follow.

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