Discard Evil Eye Through Red Chilies & Salt And Live Peacefully

There are several tricks and secrets in Hinduism to cast off the impact of the evil eye. Using salt and red chilies is one of those believable approaches.

Significance of red chilies & salt:

Red chilies are believed to contain the power to attract Raja-Tama predominant waves rapidly. Therefore, it helps assemble those waves and radiate them into the environment.

There’s a rule that there should be a flame of fire nearby while using red chilies and salt. So, when you apply the trick, the fire disintegrates the waves on its heat. It’s an effective method to evade the negative impact of the evil eye on the mental and gross body. People consider this a greater element than the power of mustard seeds.

Moreover, the touch of salt in this process speeds up the action of the chilies.

Benefits of using red chilies & salt:

Red chilies and salt remove the Raja-Tama dominant waves from a person’s mental and physical process. Hence, a person gets relief from tensions and self-doubt facet. Especially people with a significant anxiety disorder or who encounter the agony of excessive thinking can experience immense benefits from this method.

So, use the red chilies and salt method to distress yourself from unnecessary thoughts and self-doubts and live a peaceful life.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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