Observe Manglvar Vrat To Ward Off Negative Influence Of Mars

Observe Mangalvar Vrat To Ward Off Negative Influence Of Mars

In India, Tuesday is generally identified as the holiest day of the week. That’s because it is dedicated to more than one god. Mangalvar Vrat or fasting is often observed for either Lord Hanuman or Lord Ganesha.

Commonly called Mangalvar, this day is committed to planet Mars called Mangal in Hindi. Astrologers believe that negativity associated with mars can be relieved by fasting on Tuesday.

Most people observe this fasting continuously for 21 Tuesdays without a break to recede these planetary influences. People consume a single meal that includes any food made of wheat and avoid consuming salt.

Couples who wish to conceive and have a child primarily observe Tuesday Vrat or Mangalvar Vrat. Devotees believe that Lord Hanuman will help his adherents overcome any difficulties in life, especially people suffering from the negative influences of planetary activities of Mars.

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