Ward Off Your Fear Of Snakes By Praising Garuda—Lord Vishnu’s Mount

Garuda was reputed to be Lord Vishnu‘s mount and the monarch of all birds. As the vehicle of Hindu gods and goddesses, the concept of Vahana is critical in Hinduism. The enormous power of Garuda empowered it to even eclipse the sun because of its size. Talking about its physical appearance, Garuda had a physical resemblance to a man and the head, wings, talons, and beak of an eagle. In short, it looked like a bird.

Garuda used to kill and devour the nagas, or serpents, which were his constant foes. Due to the extreme fear of Garuda between snakes and serpents, Garuda gained a great image as an amulet to ward off serpents or snake bites. Hence, people still chant the hymn ‘Garudi Vidya’ to cure snake poison and banish evil from the planet.

Click the video link below to learn more about Garuda and why you should praise him to dismiss your fear of snakes.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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