How Did Lord Vishnu Tame Indra’s Ego?

According to Brahma Vaivatra Purana, once, Lord Indra wished to boast about his merits. And hence, he decided to build a celestial palace that suits his stature. He, therefore, asked Lord Vishwakarma – the architect of Gods to construct a palace for him befitting his prowess. As per his request, Lord Vishwakarma built a magnificent palace made of crystals top to bottom and decorated with plush gardens and sublime lakes.

However, all these weren’t sufficient for Lord Indra’s lure, and he told Vishwakarma to make the palace grander since it doesn’t match his esteem. So, Vishwakarma kept constructing superior palaces one after once beyond any visions or sketches of imagination. However, Indra (Devendra) continued to point out faults in every mansion and was never satisfied.

Infuriated by Indra’s constant requests, Vishwakarma approached Indra’s father, Lord Brahma, and explained everything seeking a solution. Brahma invoked Vishwakarma and told him that there’s a need to humble the pride of Indra.

The very next day, Lord Vishnu incarnated into a boy and stood admiring in front of the incompleted palace of Indra. Indra noticed the boy and asked him about his presence, and the boy answered that he was there to see if it was better than the previous mansions built for him. Indra was puzzled and asked what he meant by his words.

The boy replied, there were countless Indras before him, and there will be many after him, and there are many Indras existing in the parallel worlds; each of them wants to show their supremacy; hence, their mansions couldn’t succeed. Indra felt ashamed of his ignorance and decided to renounce his kingdom to repent for his mistakes.

This way, Lord Vishnu tamed Lord Indra’s ego and wish of being supreme. From this story, it’s advisable to down your temptation and attitude of never being satisfied with what you get.

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