Life Lessons To Learn From Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, who removes all our obstacles and gives us strength to fight back, was a true believer of Lord Rama, and he taught us the skill to be dedicated followers. This article speaks about life lessons to learn from the acts of Lord Hanuman that would help you live life in harmony and peace.

Quick decision making

He had a quick wit and was eminent in decision-making. His dedication and character taught humankind to make correct decisions. From the event when Hanuman was asked to bring Sanjeevani Booti, we can learn that when your intentions are pure and impeccable, you always make the right decisions.

Being grateful

When Mainak mountain arose and offered Lord Hanuman to rest on it when he was flying to Lanka, he taught everyone to be grateful, even to unsung helpful people.

Respect everyone

Once Lord Hanuman was attacked by Brahmastra in Lanka. Even though he was entirely capable of destroying the weapon, he felt the importance of giving respect to Lord Brahma.

Be gentle and modest

In terms of taking Sita back, Lord Hanuman maintained his courtesy while having a gentle discussion with Ravana with folded hands and addressed him with respect in a calm manner. In fact, Hanuman behaved modestly, which was quickly recognized by Ravana. This particular act of Lord Hanuman taught us to be gentle and modest in front of everyone, regardless of the person and his nature.

Adopt humble nature

Being humble in nature, he never bragged about his achievements, powers, powerful traits, and capabilities. Therefore, devotees believe him to have complete control of his senses, called Jitendriyam.

Be selfless

In fact, during the coronation ceremony of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman was holding his shield, which symbolizes protection. He thoroughly believed that true power relies on saving, not killing.

Despite all this, Lord Hanuman showed us the real power of selflessness. In the journey to emancipate Maa Sita, Lord Hanuman had nothing to do with the war or Ravan.

However, being a true devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman helped him with core dedication and power. Everything he did was because of his faith in Rama. Hence, we can learn the most critical lesson from Hanuman – adopt selflessness nature toward people you love, adore, and admire.

Be a true devotee like Hanuman, worship him, and seek his blessings to live an honest and humble life.

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