Celebrate Bali Pratipada And Save Yourself From Negative Energies

Bali Pratipada, also known as Bali Puja, is celebrated on the 4th day of Diwali. It marks the victory of Lord Vishnu in his dwarf Avatar Vamana over demon King Bali in the form of Trivikrama. It’s a celebration of the annual return of King Bali to earth.

Due to blessings handed out by Lord Vishnu, Bali is worshipped in India during Diwali. Eventually, the celebration in Gujarat is known as the Best Varas, marking the beginning of the new Vikram Samrat Year.

In Northern India, devotees celebrate this day in honor of Lord Krishna by performing Govardhan puja as well. In fact, people traditionally worship their instruments, machinery, arms, and equipment and also donate reverence and alms.

Significance of the Bali Pratipada celebration

According to legends, during Bali Pratipada, the negative energies become highly powerful and impactful as they produce in higher volumes. And under the shed of King Bali, those energies become more violent.

Celebrating Bali Pratipada keeps those negative energies under control with the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Participate in this remarkable celebration and seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings for your family.

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