Save Yourself From Shraap – The Famous Curse In Hindu Purana.

Curse (Shraap) and boon both stand at the top spots in Indian mythological stories. In this article, we’ll learn about the most massive and distressing curses in the history of Indian mythology ever!

  • According to mythology, sage Bhrigu once cursed Lord Vishnu to be born on earth several times and suffer the pains of worldly life.
  • Parshuram cursed Karna once to forget the mantra to use the Brahmastra when he most needed it. Moreover, Karna was cursed to die unarmed on the battlefield because he accidentally killed an innocent cow.
  • The blind hermit and his wife caused king Dussarath, who accidentally killed their son, Shravan Kumar, to experience the same grief of losing his own son.
  • During the era of Mahabharat, Gandhari also cursed Lord Krishna that his bloodline too will end in the same manner as the death of her son Kauravas.

  • Sage Gautam cursed his wife Ahalya that she will turn into stone until Lord Rama releases her.
  • Besides, Tara, the wife of Vali, cursed Lord Rama to lose his wife Sita immediately after he regains her.
  • Brahma caused Ravana to have 10 heads because he exploited Rambha. His head would explode if he violated any other woman.
  • Lord Krishna, in fact, had cursed Ashwathama that he would wander in the forest for 3,000 years with fresh wounds and a death cry.
  • Yudhishthir also cursed Kunti saying – no woman shall be able to hide her pregnancy from now on.

The rage of someone’s curse is inevitable and believed to bring anguish in life. To save yourself from the agony of the curse, act wisely and maintain gentle behavior with everyone.

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