Feel The Presence Of Lord Krishna At Nava Dwarka

Dwarka, the sacred city in India, has a massive significance in Hindu mythology due to its association with Lord Krishna. Constructed by Krishna, this temple extended from Samkhodhara or Bet Dwarka to Okha Madhi.

According to mythology, Dwarka is home to nine temples collectively known as Nava Dwarka. This article states some exciting information about Nava Dwarka.

  • However, the primary temple in the list is Dwarkadhish or Jagat Mandir, which has two entrances: Swarga Dwar and Moksha Dwar.
  • On the same premises, Rukmini Dwarka is a small temple with exclusively carved pillars and sculptures.
  • Nava Dwarka temple has a few small shrines on the banks of the Gomti river, which is called Gomti Dwarka.
  • The island of Bet Dwarka has several shrines adorned with images of Krishna and Lakshmi Narayana.
  • Sudama Dwarka is where Lord Krishna’s dear friend Sudama lived and hence, is revered by Vaishnavas.
  • The Mula Dwarka is the place where Krishna set foot on Dwarka’s soil for the first time.
  • Nathdwara, or Shrinathji Dwarka, is the chief seat of the Pushtimarg Vaishnav sect founded by Ballabh Acharya.
  • Lord Krishna last appeared at Mukti Dwarka, the Tirtha spot.
  • In fact, Nava Dwarka has two other temples named Dakur Dwarka and Kankroli Dwarka.

Do visit the holy city of Dwarka and feel the magic, essence, and presence of Lord Krishna there.

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