Why Does Banke Bihari Temple Differ From Other Temples In India?

Banke Bihari Temple is a famous Hindu Temple located in the city of Vrindavan Mathura that drives thousands of devotees each day from around all corners of the world. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, in this Temple, devotees worship him in the form of Banke Bihari. In this particular name of Krishna, Banke stands for ‘bent in three places,’ and Bihari means ‘supreme enjoyer.’

History & Significance of Banke Bihari Temple

Swami Haridas, who was the Guru of the prominent singer Tansen, established this remarkable Temple. People believe that Swamiji, himself, remembered Radha Krishnan in his Nidhivan, a temple, and found this idol in front of him.

After that, he installed this black-colored idol of Lord Krishna in this temple, which is the same one granted to Swamiji by Radha Krishna. According to folklore, both Radha and Krishna, are immersed in this Banke Bihari. As per the traditional belief related to Banke Bihari Temple, whoever worships this Lord in this particular form will have their prayers answered.

Besides, there is another striking highlight related to this Temple – it’s the only temple where the Mangal Aarti, which means morning prayer ritual, doesn’t get conducted. The Pujari (priest) of this temple once explained that Bihari is awake late at night for performing Raas Leela. Therefore, devotees don’t want to disturb their beloved Krishna when he’s resting.

However, the Banke Bihari form is believed to have a period in the month of November to December, which according to Indian Shastra, is Margashirsha. Therefore, people celebrate this particular day with great fervor as Vihari Panchami each year.

Since Vrindavan is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and is considered one of the most sacred places on earth, every year, people celebrate the Janmashtami festival greatly, with outstanding celebrations and events. They, in fact, show great enthusiasm and devotion towards Krishna.

Visit Banke Bihari Temple and praise lord Krishna with great devotion. Krishna will fulfill all your wishes and fill your life with loads of love.

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