Ask For Protection By Offering Puja At Vajreshwari Temple

Like any other Hindu temple, the Vajreshwari Temple also holds some historical, ancient, mythological, and spiritual significance wrapped in the temple premises. In this article, we’ll highlight some engaging information about this historic temple.

The Vajreshwari Temple happens to be the most visited Hindu shrine in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is listed amongst the 51 Shakti Peethas of Adi Shakti, which makes it one of the main attractions of the state. Often called Maheshwari, the primary deity of the temple is known by the name Vajreshwari, Vajrayogini, or Vajra Devi.

Know The Unknowns about Vajreshwari Temple

  • Her name literally means the goddess of Thunder. Goddess Vajreshwari is considered an earthly after of the goddess Parvati or Adi Maya. In this temple, she is worshipped in the form of Jaya Durga.
  • Legend says that when Lord Shiva carried the immolated corpse of Goddess Sati, her left breast fell at the spot where Vajreshwari Temple is now situated.
  • According to other known legends, this magnificent temple is believed to have been found by the goddess during a famous Ashwamedh Yagna that was held at this spot.
  • The history of this temple states that it was looted several times by the invaders and has gone through a lot of damage due to the plunder.
  • In 1905, a strong earthquake caused significant damage to the temple as well, which the government later refurbished.
  • The temple was restored to its former glory in the year 1920.
  • The current temple is built in Nagra architectural style.
  • It’s a distinctive structure that has stone walls that resemble the Kangra fort and three domes, including the main Shikhara.
  • The goddess Vajreshwari appears here in the guise of Pindi. The locals consider the presiding deity as Kul Devi (the family god).
  • Along with the small shrine of Lord Bhairava, there is an idol of a famous devotee called Dhayanu Bhagat that is placed just in front of the main sanctum.
  • The festivals of Navaratri and Makar Sankranti are celebrated with grandeur in this temple.
  • Visit the Vajreshwari Temple with utmost devotion to the goddess Vajreshwari. She will shower her blessings on you and protect you from potential harm.

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