10 Most Acquainted Forms Of Lord Shiva You Must Consider Worshiping

10 Most Acquainted Forms Of Lord Shiva You Must Consider Worshiping

The supreme power holder, the divinity, the destroyer of all evil energies of the cosmos, the almighty Lord Shiva, is also known as Mahadev among devotees, has umpteen forms which have enormous significance towards humanity. Some of his impersonations are ferocious, enigmatic, and others are charming, endearing yet innocent.

  1. Bholenath: Lord Shiva is also known as Bholenath or innocent, as he is innocent or even ignorant of his superpower.
  1. Ardhanarishwara: In this form, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are seen together as half-man and half-woman.
  1. Nataraj: Shiva is the lord of the dance. This form of Shiva is self-originated from eternal tranquility representing enthusiasm and the creation of dance.
  1. Kalabhairava: When Shiva was about to destroy the whole universe, time, all existence, he took the disastrous form known as Kalabhairava.
  1. Adiyogi: The Adiyogi form of Shiva is another famous figure that is being worshipped by devotees. Adiyogi means the first yogi from which the yogic sciences originated. Shiva is also known as Adi guru (the first guru).
  1. Chandatandava: One of his dynamic forms is Chandatrandava, in which he is seen standing upon a demon.
  1. Kaleshwara: Kala means Time and also Darkness. And time is the controller of the whole existence as Shiva. Thus he is called Kaleshwara.
  1. Shambhu: Shambhu is the dancing form of the eternal joy of Shiva. As Shambhu means the constant state of bliss, the name is justified.
  1. Pashupatinath: One of the most famous incarnations of Shiva in the Vedic period, which means the god of animals.
  1. Bhoothnath: Bhoothnath signifies the lord or controller of all spirits the way Lord Shiva is the origin of the five elements of nature.

Whatever incarnation of Shiva you worship, pray him with all your devotion and stay beneath his grace.

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