Explore The Unknown Facts Of Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple

A historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple is situated near Prabhas Patan, Gujarat, on the western coast. Let’s learn some fascinating information about this mystical shrine.

  • People believe it to be the first among the 12 jyotirlinga shrines.
  • In this location, Lord Shiva incarnated as Lord Someshwar, also known as Somnath Mahadev.
  • Since Lord Krishna is said to have made his final journey from this location to his Neejdham, the shrine is a beautiful illustration of reverence.
  • It is close to Triveni Sangam Ghat, where the Kapila, Hiran, and legendary Saraswati rivers converge.
  • It has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times throughout the Temple’s history. As a result, it’s still unclear when the first shrine was actually built. However, the temple is reported to have been robbed, destroyed, and recreated roughly 17 times.
  • The existing shrine was reconstructed in the Chalukya architectural style of Hindu temples, and construction concluded in May 1951.
  • This temple’s peak rises 15 feet above the ground and is topped by a flagpole.
  • The main events observed in the temple are the Shivratri festival, Golokdham Utsav, the 5-day Kartik Purnima fair, and the Somnath Sthapna Divas.

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