Visit A Hindu Temple – Pray & Be Recharged with Positive Energy!

Visit A Hindu Temple - Pray & Be Recharged with Positive Energy!

India is the land of thousands of temples across the country with different designs, shapes, and locations. Hindus often visit temples to worship deities and to get blessings from God. And temples will fill you with positive energy.

There is science behind Hindus temple visits. Temples are installed at a place where positive energy is overflowing from the magnetic and electric waves traveling from north to south. The idol of God placed in the center of the temple, known as Garbhagriha”. The earth’s magnetic waves are at a high level in the center.

The floor at the center of the temple is a good conductor of the positive vibrations from the feet to the body. Hence, devotees remove their shoes at the entrance of the temple and walk-in barefooted. This practice prevents contaminants like filth and germs from disturbing the pure ambiance of the temple.

Also, the five senses of the human body (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, and Smell) are activated while walking through the temple. This way one can absorb the positive energy of the temple properly.

When we enter the temple, we ring the hanging temple bell. It is a common practice in temples. The sharp sound lasts for at least 7 seconds in an echo tone. The echo activates all the seven healing centers of our body and creates unity in the left and right parts of our brain. The temple bell sound removes all negative thoughts from our brain.

In addition to flowers and camphor, incense sticks are used for prayer (pooja) in the temple. The pleasing fragrance of these ingredients activates your senses and calms your mind.

The devotees drink the theertham which is tulsi leaves soaked in the water contained in copper or silver vessels. The tulsi water activates the taste sensation in humans. The benefits of drinking tulsi water from copper or silver vessels include the cure of sore throat, fever & common cold, cough, respiratory disorder, and shrinkage of kidney stones, and lower chance of heart disorder.

Applying tilak (or red kumkum) on the forehead prevents the loss of energy. The red kumkum between two eyebrows retains the energy that helps in concentration. Temple visits benefits in reducing your stress level and enhance your soul. Hence, Hindu religious practices are not myths or beliefs but offer science-based health benefits.

Feature Image Credit: Image by Anand Dhumal from Pixabay (free for commercial use)

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