Can Throwing A Copper Coin Into The River Bring Good Luck To You? Find Out

Can Throw A Copper Coin Into The River Bring Good Luck To You? Find Out!

Hindus throw a coin in the river or pond whenever they visit or pass by any temple. It is an old custom that we follow even today. People think throwing a coin activity may bring good luck to their life. But this belief doesn’t have any scientific validation. Then why people throw coins in the river? Is it a myth only or have any science behind the Indian custom?

In ancient times the currency was made of copper, not like today’s silver coins. So, according to Ayurvedic science (the Hindu medical system), if we drink water from the copper pot after keeping it for a few hours, it will be beneficial for our health. Some health benefits of copper water in our body are:

  1. Copper water drinking improves the digestive system.
  2. It absorbs Iron in our body, which helps fighting Anemia.
  3. Copper water slows down the aging process and helps to lose weight.
  4. It accelerates the healing process of wounds and sore joints.
  5. It cures cancer and arthritis problems.
  6. Copper water destroys the bacteria or microbes that produce many water-borne ailments.
  7. It also stimulates the brain and works well with the thyroid gland.

In the Vedic era, civilization was aware of the health benefits of copper.  Therefore, they used to throw copper coins in holy rives. So that, the water gets charged up with copper properties. Thus people stayed healthy. The goal was to keep the river replenished and the community healthy. But it took religious color to achieve that.

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