As In Indian Culture, Eat With Your Hands – It is Healthy!

As In Indian Culture, Eat With Your Hands – It is Healthy!

In India, people use their hands to eat their food or meal. It is an Indian culture we practice from ancient times. Perhaps, it may not be good manners or etiquette to you, but there are reasons behind this habit. There are several benefits of eating with hands, which include improving digestion and the prevention of diabetes.

Where Western countries use cutleries and Eastern countries use chopsticks, here in India, by habit we eat with our bare hands. According to our Indian culture, there is a deep significance of eating with hands.

The eating with hands culture is an Ayurvedic (the Hindu medical system) teaching and originated in Vedic times. The Vedic people used to believe that our bodies are in sync with the elements of nature and our hands hold a certain power. Each finger is an extension of one of the five elements (Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth).

Indians believe that the custom of eating food with hands shows respect towards God.

When we eat we not only feed our body but also feed our mind and spirit. The process of eating with hand improves our consciousness of the taste of the food.

So, when you use your fingers to pick up food, millions of nerves in your fingers deliver the message that you are about to eat. And the stomach releases digestive juices and enzymes to help you to digest.

Try having food with your bare hands and enjoy the meal. And experience the Indian custom & its many benefits while eating your food like never before.

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