Experience A Divine Culture By Partaking In Champa Shashthi Festival

Champa Shashthi is considered to be a significant occasion, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. This festival observes on the sixth day of the Shukla Paksha in the Margashirsha month as per the traditional Hindu calendar.

Significance of Champa Shashthi

In Hindu culture, devotees have dedicated this festival traditionally to the warrior Hindu God Martand Dev, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The other famous names of this deity are Malhari, Martand Bhairav, Khanderao, and Khandoba.

However, the Champa Shashthi day basically commemorates the end of a significant battle between demon Mani Malla and Lord Khandoba. The war continued for six long days in Indian history.

In the same way, the festivities and traditional rituals continue for a week in different temples dedicated to Khandoba. Devotees arrange an annual Jatra (a cultural program) every year in the Pembar village, which continues up to the new moon day. This occasion holds utmost importance in the Khandoba temple at Jejuri near Pune. People consider it auspicious to visit this pilgrim site and participate in cultural activities hosted by the Devasthan (Divine place).

In this temple, pilgrims use turmeric powder as the Bhandar or Angar sacred (ashes of Lord Shiva) and wear that as a Tilak.

However, you must visit and participate in the Champa Shashthi cultural programs to undergo a celestial experience.

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