Form A Divine Connection With God By Using Kosha Kushi In Puja

Form A Divine Connection With God By Using Kosha Kushi In Puja

Kosha Kushi, also known as the Double Spoon, is an essential ritual item used in puja ceremonies in the Bengali tradition. This copper-based tool is customary to offer holy Ganga water to the gods and goddesses. This practice is deep-rooted in Tantric worship of the Divine Mother in the Bengali tradition, which emphasizes the worship of feminine divine energy.

Significance Of Kosha Kushi

Kosha Kushi is an essential instrument in Shradh Tarpan Puja, a Hindu ritual performed to pay homage to one’s ancestors. People believe that by offering holy water with Kosha Kushi, the souls of the ancestors receive purification and blessings.

The use of Kosha Kushi in puja is significant not only for its functional purposes but also for its spiritual significance. The double spoon represents the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies, symbolizing the wholeness and completeness of the universe. Besides, by using Kosha Kushi, devotees honor the divine feminine and seek blessings for fertility, prosperity, and abundance.

Moreover, as it involves offering the right amount of sacred substances to the deity, it requires careful attention and intention during holy rituals. This practice helps cultivate mindfulness, focus, and devotion.

Benefits Of Using Kosha Kushi In Puja

  1. Sanctification: With Kosha Kushi, the Hindu Pundit sprinkles holy water or other offerings on the deity during the puja. This act purifies the surroundings and the offerings, thus creating a sacred and auspicious atmosphere.
  2. Spiritual essence: Kosha Kushi connects the devotee to the divine. By using Kosha Kushi, devotees deepen their spiritual connection, seek divine guidance and blessings, and express their devotion and gratitude.
  3. Community building: It’s a common element in group puja ceremonies, where each family member participates in the offering. This practice promotes a sense of unity, cooperation, and shared devotion.
  4. Health benefits: Kosha Kushi is made of pure Copper material, known for its health benefits. It reduces inflammation and improves digestion due to its antimicrobial properties.

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