Practice Patrata & Receive Divine Grace

Patrata is a Vedantic concept derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Patra,’ which means vessel. It means being like a vessel and being capable of receiving something. In Vedic practices, Patrata signifies the worthiness, capacity, spiritual depth, eligibility, or deservingness of a Sadhak (the practitioner) to receive grace from the divine.

The Significance of Patrata

In India, sages often practice Patrata, which ordinary people consider a miracle. These practices include the capacity to heal some diseases, prolong an individual’s lifespan, offer divine protection and help during distress, solve family or financial difficulties, bestow Prana through Shaktipat, awaken Kundalini, etc.

However, these powers are not granted by the gods to the sages; instead, they have to practice hours and hours of sadhana (deep meditation) to achieve these powers by Patrata.

Patrata is practiced to ensure high spiritual development and not to gain the luxury of laziness, greed, and sensory enjoyment. The motive of Patrata is to fulfill some lofty aims and purposes in life. It’s a boon that isn’t meant for careless squandering, a reckless sense of enjoyment, merriment, and living an easy and relaxing life.

So, practice Patrata for the elevation of spiritual development and attain divine grace in life.

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