Unheard Facts Of Kripacharya-The Greatest Rishi Of All Time

Kripacharya is the name of a divine sage who had an influential part in the epic of Mahabharat. He was the great-grandson of Gautam Rishi and the son of Sharadwana. Kripacharya was adopted by King Shantanu along with his sister Kripy, who was later married to Dronacharya.

The Unknown Realities of Kripacharya

  • In the Sanskrit text, he is called ‘Krupacharya,’ who is identified as one of the Chiranjeeva. It means he was an ancient immortal. Ashwatthama was the nephew of Kripacharya, who was also known as Chiranjeevi.
  • In the eighth Manvantara, he had become one of the Saptarishi. Not only that, but people considered him to be the foremost sage among the rishis (sages) in Kalyug.
  • At a young age, Rishi Kripacharya was the Acharya (teacher) of the Pandavas and Kauravas (major characters of Mahabharat) at a young age and even taught Arjuna’s grandson Parikshit. He was also among the Maharathis who had taken the side of the Kauravas and fought for them.
  • In the context of Mahabharat, Kripacharya has set an example of truth, laws, ethics, and standards. He is an exemplary character who always stood by his principles in a state of diversity and stress. That’s why Kripacharya was highly prioritized over Dronacharya in reaching the position of immortality.
  • Kripacharya never leaned on the grandest Mahabharat war because he believed the Pandavas’ demands were right. He was one of the eighteen great warriors who remained alive even after the war ended.

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