5 Yogic Steps To Become The Ruler Of Yourself

5 Yogic Steps To Become The Ruler Of Yourself

The human quest to control everything in the sphere of life has made people exemplary at mastering many things in the world. Being utterly dependent on situations or people makes us extremely demotivated and anxious. Eventually, mundane substances and an unhealthy lifestyle don’t buy a good life. These are the signs of becoming a slave to time in our cognitive and organic aspects.

The following five yogic methods will help you rule yourself and attain mastery in life.

  • Brahmacharya

Practicing brahmacharya will shape your mind to react to situations through the purity of our traditions, entails selfless intentions, and brings peace, harmony, power, wisdom, bliss, and love.

  • Brahma Muhurta —

It’s another significant routine that describes an ideal time to wake up between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m. It’s the highest vibrational time of the day, called Amritvela. This is the best time to energize your inner self with yogic postures and pranayama.

  • Jnana Yog —

Here comes the third one that helps practitioners engage with spiritual study and control their emotional diet. Through this practice, you can refrain from consuming damaging content completely, as it constrains negative thoughts from driving your personality and hampering your destiny.

  • Sattvic Aahaar—

Yes, Sattvic Aahaar is the ideal diet according to Ayurveda that eases the mind and body. Every living being needs food rich in high-energy vibrations apart from just nutrition. Certain foods in Ayurveda carry low vibrations of violence, fear, death, anger, etc. Eating mindfully creates a peaceful state of mind and offers a divine experience!

  • Karma yog—

Karma yoga is a practice where we need to pay close attention to our actions, thoughts, and words as Karma determines our destiny. The Karma of a yoga practitioner radiates with compassion, self-respect, cooperation, and acceptance.

So, start by following these steps and developing ethical principles for every phase of life.

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Eneko Uruñuela on Unsplash (free for commercial use).

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