Kaivalya – A Yogic Way To Attain Nirvana

Kevalatva or Kaivalya is the state of being alone that opposes the circumstances of attachment and duality. The achiever of the Kaivalya is named ‘Kevalin.’ The aesthetic definition of Kaivalya is staying in the alone set all by oneself. In addition, one can acquire this state by conducting asceticism yoga discipline and practice.

Significance of Kaivalya practice:

The term is often mentioned in Yoga and Samkhya philosophy. However, people often consider this the ultimate goal – it represents solitude or isolation and separation from the Sansar or the material world. The Samkhya Schools of Hinduism document that an ordinary person remains captivated by the lure of the material world due to their Karma. So, by practicing Kaivalya, an individual can get disjoined from this bond only through Kaivalya.

The 34 yoga sutras of Patanjali explain that the Yogi (Yoga practitioner) who executed Kaivalya is free from all adhesives and worldly attachments and acquires the absolute form of consciousness.

Benefits of Kaivalya:

As per Raja Yoga, the Kaivalya ritual directs an individual to the final stage of enlightenment through which the Yogi gets moksha or Nirvana. In such a phase, the practitioner can achieve freedom from the life cycle of birth and death.

You can practice Kaivalya too to attain self-enlightenment and Nirvana in life.

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