Visit The Sun Temple Of Aurangabad & Attain The Divine Grace Of Lord Sun

Bhaskar Deva Tirtha Sun temple of Deo (Aurangabad) is considered one of the massively famous pilgrimages in Bihar, which is dedicated to Lord Surya. Widely known for its immense structure, fine carving, and elaborate sculpture, the temple is 100 feet tall and crafted in black and red stone.

A giant black stone nestled outside the temple has ancient inscriptions that provide information about the temple’s origins and other details. Although the exact dates of construction of the Sun temple are not available, this inscription states that the devout place was crafted in the Treta Yug – about one and a half lakh years ago.

Significance of Sun temple of Aurangabad

According to a holy verse from Brahmi script, Purkha Ail – the son of Ila, started the construction of the temple after recovering three deities from a pit that cured him of leprosy. Those three deities represent the three forms of Lord Surya that are:

  • Udayachal – the Rising Sun
  • Madhyachal – the mid-day Sun
  • Asthachal – the setting Sun

The local legends mention that this one-of-a-kind temple was built by Lord Vishwakarma within a night only – who is the architect of Hindu gods and goddesses.

This historical shrine is the only Sun temple that has its main door facing the west in a way reversing the setting sun and not the usual rising Sun. Hence, visiting this Sun temple and getting close to the lake names Surya Kund is considered very auspicious every Sunday, especially during the Chhath Puja and Adra Nakshatra tithi.

According to the belief, offering Arghya or the oblation of water in Surya Kund holds special significance as it fulfills the desires. The temple rituals followed here for ages include the daily recitation of Adityahruday Stotra and other practices offered to Lord Surya.

Visit the Sun Temple of Aurangabad and attain the divine blessings of Lord Surya in life.

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