Get Affluent Wealth By Praising Lord Surya On Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami, aka Magha Saptami or Achala Saptami, is a highly auspicious day that falls on Saptami day (the 7th day in the bright half of Magha month). Like any other Saptami Tithi, this festival also refers to the Sun god Surya.

The Sun god, or Lord Surya, is portrayed as seated on a chariot operated by a few horses. The Lord is a strong representation of the power of the Sun.

However, this auspicious day is celebrated honoring Lord Surya’s journey as he turns his horse-driven chariot ‘Ratha‘ in the northeast direction. According to legends, Lord Surya had begun to illuminate the entire world on Ratha Saptami. That is why people remarkably celebrate the special day as the sun god’s birthday or the day of his origination and named the festivity Surya Jayanti.

Traditional Practices On Ratha Saptami

On such a fortunate day, one of the vital traditional rituals that people observe is to wake up before sunrise and take a holy birth during the Arunoday period (rising of the Sun). This particular practice comes with a blend of mythological and spiritual values. People generally believe that taking a bath before sunrise on this day can keep the devotees healthy and protects them from all ailments. And due to this belief, this day is named ‘Arogya Saptami’ as well.

Once this ritual is over, the devotees offer Arghya Dan (the act of paying homage to the Sun), specifically during the sunrise, by chanting the Gayatri Mantra or Surya Sahasranamam.

The rituals also include drawing chariot-shaped Rangoli or Kolam, observing fast, and conducting Dan Punya (charity) activities. All these practices can set the devotees free from their Karmic deeds.

In India, you can witness several temples constructed in honor of Lord Surya that organize joyous events on the special occasion of Ratha Saptami. In fact, various other temple organizations conduct special Puja arrangements, for instance, the ceremonial procession Maharatha Puja celebrated at Shri Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Participate in the Ratha Saptami celebration and praise Lord Surya to seek his holy blessings. The Lord will improve your quality of life, boost your energy and transform you into a confident person. You’ll be showered by affluent health and wealth in the future.

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