The Transformation Of Earth To Prithvi

According to a convoluted legend in the Bhagavata Purana, an evil monarch named Vena disregarded dharma and neglected Vedic ceremonies. Additionally, he disrespected and robbed the earth goddess to the point where she couldn’t give him the needed resources and emigrated as a cow. As a result, there was endless sobbing from starvation and partial work.

The troubled sages decided to fix the issue, so they grasped a blade of grass and threw it at the monarch while reciting Piu mantras.’

The rapacious king was promptly assassinated—the kingdom was mute without a hero; hence, the sages turned his copse—and from that matter—a dark creature had first appeared.

The sages built a new king named Prithu or Preethi from the purified remnants of the body after purging all that was barbaric.

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Prithu, who is also regarded as a Chakravartin, is the originator of Lord Vishnu, according to Vedic texts. However, to end the famine, Prithu went to the earth cow and asked for milk; however, the cow declined and fled.

Prithu had to chase the earth cow, and he raised his bow to return her. He explained to her that he must domesticate the earth to feed humanity.

He earth agreed but on the condition that it should be done moderately. And so, by granting life to the Earth, Ruth became her protector. And she accepted the name, Prithvi.

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