The Unavoidable Effects Of The Lunar Cycle On Human Health & Behavior

In Indian astrology, the lunar, seasonal, and circadian cycles influence both human and animal physiology. While humans have a clear definition and rationale behind seasonal and circadian rhythms, the effects of the lunar cycle on animal behavior and physiology are not entirely understood.

In fact, the lunar cycle affects various aspects of human reproduction, including fertility, menstruation, and birthrate. It seems that the menstrual cycle and melatonin levels are also correlated. As a result, the lunar cycle, which is strongly influenced by the moon, is linked to sleep difficulties, physical aggression, mental health, menopausal symptoms, and other health problems.

From ancient folklore to modern medical science, mythological stories of moon phases or lunar eclipses are endless. It’s indeed responsible increase in violent crime. However, there is a long history and broad acceptance of the Moon’s role in human illness and health.

The Hindu god Chandra (Moon) is closely associated with both positive and negative events in human lives, as per Hinduism, and represents the moon’s journey and shifting faces.

Click the video below to see what Sadhguru has to say about the effects of the lunar cycle on human health and behavior.

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