Hindu Astrology – Science Or Hoax?

Hindu Astrology is an Indian belief, which is a blend of Astro science and arts. There are plentiful beliefs pertaining to Hindu or Vedic Astrology, in which believers say “Yes,” and skeptics say “No.”

The word “Astrology” is purely derived from the Greek word “Astron” (stars), and “Logia” (study of). It clearly means the study of stars or planets that has a terrific impact on human lives.

Significance of Indian Astrology:

Apart from Chinese and Maya culture, astrology has played a crucial role in Indian traditions and beliefs. Indian astrologers believe that the alignment of planets and stars during an individual’s birth time contributes towards his character, mood, and course of future life.

However, Hindu astrology consists of some major principles of Vedas, also called Vedic astrology, be composed of 27 constellations, made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets, and 12 houses. Each planet and house represents some specific aspects of human life.

Depending upon the birth time, astrologers distribute the correct ones among 12 signs, 9 planets, and 12 houses. The chart of various houses is called “Horoscope chart or Natal Chart” in visual representation.

Though the scientific community considers astrology as “Pseudoscience,” the disciples believe its power and influence as the control of the universe.

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