Know The Five Elements Of Panchanga Of Hindu Astrology

Panchanga or Panchangam refers to Panjika, which is a Hindu astrological chart and an annual publication. It gets issued in a tabulated form. Panchanga in Sanskrit literally means five limbs.

The Panchanga is recognized as a Hindu calendar that is essentially associated with Hindu Astrology or Jyotish Shastra. It, however, follows the traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, current valuable dates, and their calculations.

Religious Significance Of Panchanga:

This religious almanac also foretells the celestial events happening in the universe, such as lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, etc. Therefore, Hindus inherently follow Panchanga to set auspicious dates and events.

Since astrologers believe the Moon to be the fastest one in outer space, the elements associated with its movement accorded with the highest priority in Panchanga.

Besides, there are three literal implications of Panchanga. However, people often depend on the Vedic interpretation that inducts it as five attributes of the day. Amongst these five attributes, the first one is “Tithi,” which is the angular distance from Sun. In technical form, a single Tithi equals a 12-degree difference between the Sun and Moon.

However, the second one is “Karana.” It holds exact half of the Tithi and classifies as the subsidiary of Tithi.

The third one is “Rashi,” and the fourth one is “Nakshatra” (stars & planets). Both are interrelated as they entirely rely on Moon’s motion concerning the fixed sky.

And the fifth or last one is “Var” or days of the week. Amongst every element, only Var is influenced by Sun’s movement, not the Moon.

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