Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Shri Chintamani Temple

Shri Chintamani Temple is a popular Devasthan (sacred place) considered one of the oldest Lord Ganesha temples, which resided in Maharastra. It’s the fifth temple that devotees visit during the well-known pilgrimage tour of Ashtavinayak. This temple is situated in Haveli Taluka of Theur, Maharastra.

This reverent town of Theur that boasts Shri Chintamani Temple is also referred to as Shri Kshetra. This place sits at the confluence of three major rivers – Bhima, Mula, and Mutha.

The temple has a north-facing entrance, and the presiding deity faces the east side. The idol has a left trunk with garnet and diamond encrusted in the eyes.

During the Peshwa era, this temple got renovated and prospered. The controlling Chintamani deity was the Kula Devta (Family god) of Shrimant Madhavrao.

As per stories, Shrimant Peshwa Madhavrao has died in the temple premises at the age of 27. On his demise, his wife Ramabai practiced Sati (a historical Hindu practice where a widow sacrificed herself sitting atop her late husband’s cremation pyre) near the Vrindavan of the temple and became immortal.

Devotees believe that a person undergoing from distracted mind finds peace and relief from their sufferings by visiting this Lord Ganesha temple.

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