Chant Shri Ram Ashtakam & Gather Courage To Pave Impossible Things In Life


Shri Ram Ashtakam is an amalgam of eight Sanskrit Stotras dedicated to Lord Rama, composed by Shri Vyas Maharishi. The Ashtakam is popular amongst Lord Rama’s devotees. Adherents recite this Stotram on most special occasions, principally during festivals like Ram Navami, Gudi Padwa, and Vivah Panchami. In this famous Ashtakam, the great Vyas Maharishi glorified Lord Rama for his virtues and presence.

The benefits of chanting Shri Ram Ashtakam:

In Hinduism, devotees have a special place in their hearts for Lord Rama. They believe that by chanting Shri Ram Ashtakam, they can attain the divine blessings of Rama. Also, Lord Rama will enlighten the pathway towards Dharma and help them remain honest in life.

Besides, the Shri Ram Ashtakam also helps devotees gain significant courage to achieve impossible things in life. It will further make an individual more spiritual than his current essence.

Shri Ram Ashtakam:

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