Visit Jivdani Temple And Get Rewarded With Progeny

Goddess Jivdani, also spelled Jeevdhani, is a Hindu goddess who blesses her devotees with the real wealth of life. According to legend, she represents the goddess Renuka of Mahurgad, Nanded. This ancient temple is nestled atop the Jivddani hill, a part of the Satpura range in Vihar.

Historical Significance

As far back as the 17th century, this hill was home to a fort called Jivadhan. The orange flag always flutters at the top of the temple Shikhara.

The temple top also offers a picturesque view of the lush greenery and the hilly range. Visiting the shrine on Tuesdays and Thursdays is considered favorable.

According to legend, the Pandavas visited the temples around the Kshetra during their stay in the forests. During this journey, they halted on the banks of the Vaitariny river.

The Pandavas had soon developed quite an affection for the place and its serenity. So they decided to install and worship a representation of the goddess Ekaveera in one of the caves in the nearby hefty mountains of Shrigaon.

They named this goddess Bhagavati Jivadhani and also created a set of small caves for the traveling of sages which is now called Pandav Dongri.


According to popular beliefs, the goddess resides in a hole in the niche of a cave. Any barren woman who makes an offering here gets rewarded with a progeny. Like goddess Renuka, goddess Jivdhani is also offered Tambul (betel nut) as the primary Prasad (puja offering).

Each year thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine with a boatload of enthusiasm, devotion, and faith in the powers of this goddess. They believe that the goddess will fulfill their desire if pleased with proper rituals. Visit the temple if you wish to have children and get rewarded with children.

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