What is Vamchara? Mystical Facts About Vama Marga

Vamchara is a Sanskrit word that means ‘left-handed attainment.’ Most people regard it as a Vama Marga, which means left path or left-hand path. On the contrary, the right-hand path or Dakshinachara are those Tantric sects that follow the traditional Hindu rules.

Spiritual facts of Vamchara

Vamchara traditions involve engaging in certain worships or spiritual practices that are not only heterodox rather unorthodox to the standard Vedic order but extreme in comparison to the usual Hindu social norms.

The practice of both the left-handed and right-handed ways varies according to cultural preference, initiation, Sadhana (spiritual disciplines), and Parampara or religious lineage.

Spiritual Aspects of Vamchara

A major positive feature of Vamchara is respect for the status of women since she is a representation of Shakti. Aghori or Aghora is one of the most prominent Vamchara practices found in India. Aghori practitioners partake in intimate rituals and consume raw meat and Soma or alcohol and other intoxicants.

A few of the followers take their steps toward religious practices ahead by indulging in inhuman activities like sacrificing animals and even consuming human meat.

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