Unknown Facts About Yamraj

The Hindu God of death is recognized by the names Yama, Yamraj, or Imra. Here are some interesting facts about Yamraj that you may find interesting.

  • Many beliefs across Yamraj as people refer to him as a death in self who holds the responsibility of restrainer.
  • Hindu mythological scriptures depict that elements like Vyadhi or disease, Kala or time, Jwara or fever, Krodha or anger, and Asuya or jealousy assist him.
  • As per Vishnupuran, his parents are Sun god Surya and Sanjana.
  • Vedas also confirm that Yamraj is said to be the first mortal who died.
  • In fact, he was also the first to proceed to the Petralok, making him the ruler of the deceased.
  • Eventually, Rig Veda indicated that Yama helped humankind find a place to live.
  • In scriptures, Yamraj is specified as the Lord Of Justice, associated with Dharma or religion.
  • He is identified as the judge of the souls based on the deeds they perform in their lifetime. He decides the punishments depending on the acts of every individual after death.

People, therefore, believe in opting for good behavior, habits, and deeds to save themselves from the rage of Yamraj.

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