Worship Trivikrama And Get Protection Lifetime

It’s a tale about Lord Vishnu’s one of most potent yet unrevealed Avatar Trivikrama. Continue reading to know the thrilling story of this avatar of Lord Vishnu.

How was Trivikrama incarnated?

The Asura King Bali was known as Mahabali because of his righteousness and Valore. He became the ruler of the three worlds by defeating the Devatas (gods). Since Bali was a beloved king of his people and a devoted follower, the defeated gods went to Lord Vishnu asking for help to overcome this challenging situation.

This was when Lord Vishnu incarnated as a human dwarf named Vamana and asked Mahabali to grant him three pieces of land, to which Mahabali agreed without hesitation or doubt.

In that instance, Vamana immediately took a gigantic form and covered heaven and nether-land in his two steps. For his third step, Mahabali offered his head, and Lord Vishnu pushed him under the earth. In that way, Vishnu measured out the three realms and conquered the three worlds again. This enormous form of Lord Vishnu is named Trivikrama.

Mythological representation of Trivikrama

Trivikrama is typically depicted as a richly ornamented deity with two legs (at times three). Adorned in the bright red garment, Trivikrama is shown holding various weapons and symbols in his six arms.

Vaikhanasa-Agama has offered a detailed report on this Avatar of Lord Vishnu in 58 chapters, where he is depicted in three variations.

People worship this avatar of Lord Vishnu to get his blessings for their family and children and ask for a long life. Since Vishnu is the protector, worshipping him will result in your protection in every event.

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