Why Do Indians Worship River Kaveri? Story Unveiled!

River Kaveri also referred to as Ponni, is an Indian river that usually flows in a south-eastern route across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This holy river originated from the foothills of Talakaveri, nestled in the Western Ghats mountain range of Kodagu district, Karnataka.

How Kaveri Became The Holy Indian River?

Famous for its knowledge imparting holy water, this river has a background story that upholds its greatness. As per the story, Sage Agastya and his wife Rishika Lopamudra, also called Kaveri, led their life by helping people.

However, one day a demon named Shurapadma started troubling people by stopping rain from reaching their lands.

Since Rishika Lopamudra was also the princess of Vidarbha, she felt the need to help the people. And that’s when she transformed herself into the sacred water and asked Sage Agastya to create a river to provide water to the southern lands.

After taking the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, the sage sets off his Kamandala (an oblong water pot) filled with this sacred water. Lord Shiva knew that lord Ganesha was only the one who could determine the perfect spot where the holy river could originate from. Hence, he sent Ganesha after the sage to finish this conversation to finish the agenda without any obstacles.


When he reached the Coorg mountain ranges, he placed the Kamandala down and started conducting Tapasharya. At the point when the sage was about to finish his Tapasharya, lord Ganesha incarnated into a crow and set on the top of the water pot.

When sage Agastya saw the bird, he shooed it away, which turned the vessel upside down and created a small pond called Talakaveri. From that spot, a natural stream flowed out as the famous river Kaveri. So, this is how Rishika Lopamudra helped people by converting herself into the holy waters of river Kaveri with the assistance of Lord Ganesha and Agastya Muni (sage).

Now, people across the Indian nation worship river Kaveri as one of the sacred rivers of India for prosperity and wholesomeness.

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